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Aus dem Vimeo-Text:

A shoot on the South Bank in London with the 5D Mark III and Iscorama 36. The anamorphic was paired with a cheap Nikon E-series 50mm F1.8 pancake lens. Anamorphic lenses like it rough and cheap!
I’ve had a real breakthrough with the 5D Mark III on this shoot.
Full details at EOSHD here: eoshd.com/content/7780
Learn more about anamorphic lenses with the EOSHD Anamorphic Shooter’s Guide eoshd.com/anamorphic-guide
Music – Lana Del Rey, Born To Die
UPDATE 1: Recommend a good screen for this. If you have crushed shadows and lacklustre colour it is time to get an Apple Cinema Display!!
UPDATE 2: This version is sharpened in post with the Premiere Pro CS5.5 Unsharp Mask at 60, radius 1. Seems to be a sweet spot.

The South Bank in Anamorphic (5D Mark III).